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May 5, 2017
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May 5, 2017

Nico Nieves – Stuck (Music Video)


Nico Nieves is a fresh, emerging  artist with a smooth R&B voice, translating his life experiences into lyrics meant to move and inspire.

Recently catching up with Nico, he shed some light on the methods to his musical madness:
“Sometimes words don’t come out the way we want or think in our head. Jotting my thoughts down allows me to escape to a world where I am free to express. That freedom is liberating—same to those who take it in. I like to get lost in my music. So zoned in the creative process, that by the time the song is written I look up like…WTH how did I just spit out this song?”

“I wrote this song around a year ago, roughly April 2016. I was going through a lot in my life at that time and had a quite a lot to say about it. I believe everyone can relate to a situation where they couldn’t let go of that comfort zone of a relationship that’s gone bad; It’s hard to walk away from something deep. I didn’t want to speak on break ups or make ups. I wanted to dig in and expose the between stage of finding a resolution”. Sometimes you feel STUCK with no answers.”


Nico is currently collaborating with producers Beatslaya, MikS, and Mike Muse preparing to release his debut solo project this year.
Also, teaming up with long time friend Danial “Jiggy” Diaz (KWIN Radio DJ/ Songwriter), on co-writing the majority of the songs on the long awaited EP.


Stay tuned for more and follow his journey…



Stuck is Nico’s 1st Single & Video, which was Filmed/ Directed/ Edited by the amazing Zev York.
Artistic Director/ Choreography by MaryAnn Chavez (MAC)
Dancer’s: Macy Swaimyy, Emma Hauser, Mariah Spears, Abigail Brockman, and Julian Carmolinga.

Stuck NOW AVAILABLE on itunes, spotify, applemusic, tidal, soundcloud, cdbabymusic, etc.


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