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August 15, 2017
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The duo of freestyling century has come to you. This is a collab between two of the most well known street based freestylers of all time. Season 10 So You Think You Can Dance winner Fikshun, and SoulBiotics Krew member Poppin John. Both dancers have different styles however both combine their own flavor of gliding, tutting, animation, waving and more. Both are born and raised freestylers learning what they do best the only way they know, dancing in front of people, for people, and to people. Their love for dance is evident in their vulnerability to transform and interpret the music in their own unique way.

Fikshun, born Du-Shaunt Stegall, is a 22 year old from Wichita, KS, and began dancing at a hometown studio at the age of 6. He didn’t find his true calling for dance however until he moved to Las Vegas. After moving to the gambling city he decided to make some of his own money on the street sharing something he simply enjoyed doing. Fikshun found the gig quite successful and falling deeper in love with the art. Eventually turning his whole world to dance. Persuing, persevering, and hard work all has gotten Fikshun to where he is now.

Poppin John, born John Wesley Austin, is originally from Farmington New Mexico, moved out to LA recently in 2013.  He is known as the owner and head instructor of Learn2Bust. He also become a member of the SoulBiotics Krew and LXD. His youtube channel has over 330,000 subscribers and millions of views. He is well known for being the best in popping, animation and robotic styles of dancing.

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IG: @PoppinJohnSBK

IG: @dance10fikshun

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