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August 15, 2017
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August 16, 2017

Cola – CamelPhat & Elderbrook | Brian Friedman Choreography | IAF Experience


Brian Friedman delivers a hot new class vid from the IAF (I Am Force) Experience at StarWest Studios in Burbank, CA. Per usual this class features some of his strongest proteges (literally) such as Sean Lew, Idaliz Cristian, Charlize Glass, Trinity Inay, and Larsen Thompson. The video begins with a montage of him teaching the choreo with the music intro playing. Next Sean Lew delivers the combo as a solo and the crowd goes crazy. Followed by the trio of Charlize, Trinity, and Elyssa Cueto. The rest of the groups don’t disappoint. B serves up his signature athletic style going from groundwork to technical in a matter of seconds. And the lighting and visual FX makes the video a step up from your average class video from Brian and takes you into a whole other world.

I am Force is a new creative arts studio created by So You Think You Can Dance Winner Chehon. This summer he created workshop that included teachers such as Brian, Jaci Royal, Tyce Diorio, Tricia Miranda, and So You Think executive producer Jeff Thacker. IAF was created in 2017 and has its own apparel line as well.



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