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August 16, 2017
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Fabulous Sisters | Best of Show | Winner’s Circle | World of Dance Finals 2017


If you haven’t heard of the Fabulous Sisters from Japan they are a crew of ladies who live up to their name and more. This past weekend at the World of Dance Finals in Los Angeles, they delivered a memorable diverse performance which earned them a spot in the Winners Circle and a video bound to receive well earned popularity in no time. In 2016 they received 1st place in youth division at the World of Dance Japan Qualifier.

Their style is an intense fusion of multiple styles of not only hip hop but contemporary, waacking, tutting, voguing, jazz funk, and intricate arm and hand placements. This piece was choreographed by Japanese choreographer RUU.

Ages ranges from kids to adults, this will appeal to all audiences and will kill you with their intensity and precision in being together while still being one with the music. The high def cinematography just makes this performance even more affective and will leave you wanting more from this mysterious crew.


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