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August 16, 2017
P!NK – What About Us | Kyle Hanagami Choreography
August 17, 2017
Laced with groovy beat kills and saucy textures, David Cottle shows us his versatility as a dancer and choreography in this recent class video.  The video features many moments of extreme patience where instead of hitting all the beats the movement moves through for several counts before jumping back into the pocket of the music. Accompanied by Wolfe De Mçhls’ “Supreme”, this choreography has an intricacy riddled throughout it that requires control and yet has sections which allow the dancers featured to express themselves to this grimy track.
David Cottle is an official immaBEAST member and a choreographer for BuildaBeast 2015! His training started at 11 years old as a bboy and from there he went on to train in other hip hop foundation styles and attended several summer camps in his teens. In 2014 after graduating high school David Cottle began training in London and from there everything took off. Within a year he managed to get a full scholarship for BuildaBeast in 2015, through WilldaBeast’s #BuildaBeastExperience challenge.  Whilst in LA not only did he audition and became an official member of IMMABeast, he also was asked to choreography for the IMMABeast showcase. From there he went on to assist Willdabeast Adams at HDI Summer Camp in 2015 and within the year he was teaching regularly at Studio 68 in London. In the past year he has made leaps and bounds teaching in over 13 different countries as well as commercially dancing for Eurovision, Emilie Sande and many others. David Cottle’s style and choreography is constantly growing and he is definitely someone to watch out for in the future.
The videographer for this video is NinetyOne Films. NinetyOne Films is the roots of director and cinematographer Josh Kinsella, who has experience of working creatively across the world. With experience from both sides of the lens NinetyOne Films has the skills to develop what happens on the screen and off the screen. With a background as a professional dancer, choreographer and creative director, combined with his technical experience with computers and cameras, it has led him to find the passion for directing and cinematography.
Be sure to follow David, Studio68 and Ninetyone Films on their instagrams which are posted below!

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