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August 17, 2017
August 18, 2017

Kyle Asks on Behalf of Artists “What about us?”

“With the world at the brink of chaos, art is something that truly bridges every country and culture. President Trump is attempting to cut federal funding for arts education. If it weren’t for those programs, I would not be choreographing and dancing today. This was the motivation behind this piece. So Trump, what about us? ”
– Kyle Hanagami

This is what viewers will find if they click the more info button on Youtube underneath Kyle Hanagami’s new choreography video.
However, the piece without a doubt speaks for itself. With the aid of P!nk’s, (Pink), recent single “What about us” Kyle asks on behalf of all artists, “Where is the care for us?”.

In typical Kyle fashion, the piece moves very organically from a place of intricate choreography to a crescendo of fully body movement full of vigor and feeling. In addition to this, the performance from all the dancers featured in the video is laced with one of passion and desperation. The passion which calls out for artists to be held in high importance in such trying times, and the desperation to push the cry further is something which is evident in this class video.   This piece is definitely one to watch and Kyle Hanagami is an artist which has always spoken out for love and peace.

Kyle’s pieces contain messages which we can all take forward in our lives and this author implores you to share these messages with those around you. Artists hold gifts which can be utilized to promote unity, so don’t be afraid of speaking out with your work. Be bold and create work that empowers and educates!
Thank you Kyle Hanagami for continually standing against oppression and division.

Kyle Hanagami has worked on many tv shows and live performances and has taught all over the world. His resume is extensive and he has nearly a decade of professional experience in teaching and choreographing. To follow him on his social channels please click the links below.

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