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Keone and Mari Madrid | Take the World- johnnyswim

 Straight from competing on NBC’s World of Dance, Keone and Mari are showing their gratitude to their fans who have followed them along their journey. This is a beautiful tribute to their fans who have stuck by their journey throughout not just the past few months but their whole 9 year relationship. Their love for each other has only grown with the help of their loved ones and supporters. Having made the top 4 acts on World of Dance and gained even more fans,  they thought this was perfect time to welcome new and thank old in one of the only ways they know, through dance. And by letting them know they can take the world now with even more support than ever.

This video begins with a trade off of the two free-styling solos on a small stage in front of the curtain. The opening right away gave the video a more old fashion look coupled with the outfits. Keone and Mari are used to bringing their own character and life to unexpected songs, however this soft melodic song matches the deep rooted emotion in the dancing just perfectly. The duo do some intricate partnering and meaningful moves. The conclusion of the dance is them under a beautiful wooden archway resembling an altar. Their conversation ends with them knowing they can conquer anything with each other and it is truly a beautiful message.

Keone and Mari auditioned for World of Dance, a new TV dance show on NBC, in early 2017 and made it to the round before finals. Controversy surrounded with outraged fans and dancers all over the world however the experience, exposure, and fans they gained while being on the show to them was priceless.

This video was filmed by Vibrvncy at California Center for the Arts, Set Designed by Brandon Arii, and Assisted by Cass Song.





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