August 18, 2017
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August 29, 2017

Homebros X JFunk brings Afro style to Poland

Homebros member laughing at IM IN training programme
Class footage of Homebros and JFunk at I’M IN Training Programme has just been released and it is FIRE!

The energy in the workshop jumps off the screen and is enough to make anyone want to hop up and do the Azonto on the spot. Supported by the song, Desliva Beat by Dj Bio Vado, the pair deliver high energy Afrobeats choreography and freestyle. The duo have so much character in their performance, its obvious why the students are screaming so much.

Homebros are a professional dance duo based in and from London. They’re biography on Facebook states that they specialize in various styles. However, its clear that their forte is the Afrobeat or Afrohouse style.
JFunk is not an official member of Homebros but he can be seen teaching alongside them often. Speaking of teaching, Homebros have

I’M IN is a dance programme which started in 2014 by Maniek Kotarski & Sandy Rzeźniczak in collaboration with Oshee and focuses on educating dancers both mentally and physically. The focus of I’m IN which makes it stand apart from most dance conventions nowadays is their focus on foundation styles as well as looking at improvisation.
Homebros X Jfunk dancing at IM IN Poland

Homebros are continuing to expand all over Europe and are definitely a group to keep an eye on.

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