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Frankie J | The Red Dread House Head | 

Originally from Bristol, Frankie is rare individual who matches his raw natural dance talent with hard work and discipline and has developed into one of the best house dancers in Europe.

Having trained from a young age in numerous dance styles, Frankie was selected to be part of the Swindon Youth Dance Academy where he was mentored by some of the best instructors in the UK. From there, he went on to earn a degree in contemporary dance from London Contemporary Dance School at The Place.

Upon finishing his studies, Frankie has focussed mainly on the house dance style, gaining respect at competitions and events worldwide. He was also invited to join Plague where he is now a prominent member of the team.
Frankie is also part of collectives Konoha, InDaHouse and Soul Footwork.

One of his most recent acheivments is being the winner of House Dance Forever.

Frankie’s Buildabeast Experience

Style: House

Song: Jazzanova – That Night (Vikter Duplaix Remix)

Intention of class: The main focus was to try to share something that is very personal to his movement quality within house dance. Jazz Fusion is a style which started in and is found mainly in the UK. Frankie had the desire to bring it to Buildabeast to share with a different community and country. He also looked at misdirection, relating to isolation and specifically pertaining to throwing himself off balance. This is to test your limb control so you have a wider range of choices when it comes to moving.


Movements looked at in the class: 

Skate, Beebop moves, Susie Q, Top rock and variations of standard house vocabulary.


Career Goals: One project he’s currently doing is called The Garage; a house dance intensive in London. The goal is to bring an international guest to collaborate with a house dance teacher in the UK. They than have only a 4 hour intensive before the class to meet up and create something on the spot. The creation of this process will then provide a platform for the students in the class to work off of. This could be drills, exercises, choreography or a seminar style class. Follow InDaHouseLondon on Facebook to keep up to date on this event.

Advice to be given: “Keep doing the thing you love even if it isn’t house. Keep courage in the not knowing where your development is going to go but to go with it. Even being in this position currently; three or four years ago I would’ve never thought I’d be out here in LA teaching house dance at a camp like this. You just don’t know what will happen but it came out me doing what I’m passionate about and then crossing paths with will as result. Do your research on the house dance style; get yourself to classes, the club, local house events. You just have to look and you’ll find people. ”


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