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September 6, 2017
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September 18, 2017

Rude Love – Becky Hill | Brian Friedman Choreography | The Brea Space

BFree does it again, fierce moves, story telling, musicality and the best of the best assistants to top it all  off. This time at the beautiful Brea Space located in Brea, CA  just 25 miles south of LA. The studio is owned by Krista and Cory Miller and recently opened last summer (2016). This class was filmed and edited by Brian himself and stars assistants Charlize Glass, Madison Cubbage, Edge Faculty member and ACE Awards Finalist Mitchell Federan, SYTYCD Australia Winner Michael Dameski, as well as our very own fan favorite Sean Lew. What a combination if you ask me.

The following groups don’t disappoint either, showing off all sorts of dancers and technique to this new Becky Hill Song “Rude Love“. The song is her expressing to a significant other how they don’t love her the same any more and never show the same kind of feeling they used to. However still caring for each other, Becky considers his feelings as “rude” love. The emotion is clear in the dancing yet still staying true to the steps.

Brian always chooses the best dancers to show off his work and is clearly seen in this new class video. Brian has been teaching more over the summer since that is the best time to teach here in LA and has man brilliant class videos on his YouTube Channel much like this one. You can check them out there or his Instagram/Facebook for more.

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