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August 31, 2017
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September 7, 2017

Put It Down | #thebeastnetwork

Introducing the IMMAboyzLONDON Kalium & Elliot Richarson. These brothers were introduced this past week via dance video featuring the king and queen themselves, Janelle and Willdabeast to a classic Brandy track Put It Down. Filmed on location in Marika Dye in Camden , London by Joel T .

This quick 1 minute video gets right to it, opening up with Janelle dancing in her new Imma Apparel shirt worn in her own style as a skirt with a grungy top to match. She kills the beats and the word play before switching to Will freestyling in front of a beautiful English building setting the tone for the next scene which introduces the ImmaboyzLONDON themselves. Elliot and Kalium hit some Beauty n the Beast steps in front of a river scenery before showing off their freestyle to passerby’s in the street.

Elliot and Kalium live in London and are a part of the new Imma Exchange Program which includes dancers from overseas flying in to train with the Imma Fam at the famous ImmaSPACE itself. Follow their journey!

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IG | @kailum_richardson

IG | @ellxxtt 

IG @joely_t

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