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August 13, 2017
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Ginuwine “Differences” Choreographed by Pat Cruz


Kinjaz member Pat Cruz just released another choreography video that will blow your minds. Showing off his controlled signature style that reminisces Kinjaz style, Pat takes a slower song and makes it powerful. “Differences” by Ginuwine, who is a popular R&B artist from the late 90’s. They’re most popular hits include the Magic Mike Theme “Pony and “In those Jeans”. Pat takes the Kinjaz clean style and is making it sensual, romantic, and sinply a feeling. Pat’s relationship with music in patience and timing is evident as well as his training to perfect these skills. At 31 its clear and undeniable what a professional dancer looks like, and it is Pat Cruz.

The video is filmed and edited by the Kinjaz go to videographer Vibrvncy at what seems to be an book den in an abandon house. A nice one at that, sets the mood of emptiness and abandon. Singing about how his world has changed like a story book. The coloring, setting and choreography all tie this video together to make it a cohesive affective routine all audiences will enjoy.

Kinjaz are a group of over 30 well seasoned dancers age ranging from early 20s to 30s. They were founded in 2010 and are self described as an ” Artist’s Brotherhood exploring the depths of our imagination and artistic purpose”. Kinjaz are known for their signature intricate choreography style and creative storytelling through dance and new media (youtube, Instagram etc) “Our shared objective is to cultivate brotherhood at all costs, support each other to reach our highest collective potential, and to positively impact the world with our time and abilities in the most fun way possible.”


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