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June 15, 2017
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June 15, 2017

The Weeknd – Secrets

The weekend has just released a new video to his song “Secrets”. This release following his latest video to “I Feel It Coming” feat Daft Punk from March 7 on the artist Vevo account, which set you in a futuristic yet almost ” Micheal Jackson-esque” vibe that captivates the true feeling of the song.

With the latest release, it takes place in the Toronto Reference Building, with its hall of mirrors and burgundy carpet settings and levitating cross. Its almost as if the director, Pedro Martin Calero, was attempting to revise Transylvanian and Dracula with the levitating girls, the deep burgandys, as well as he powers that the artist seem to have in the video that resemble most vampire movies.

Check it out now, you wont be disappointed!

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