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Los Angeles Auditions! So You Think You Can Dance Season 14

sytycd-profileAmerica’s favorite dance show is back! The first episode of season 14 aired this past Monday, June 12th. Last year FOX brought us “SYTYCD: The Next Generation” which had young dancers ages 8-13 competing for the title of America’s favorite dancer. This year they brought back the original rules with dancers ages 18-30. From watching the first episode, it’s going to be one amazing season! There is so much incredible talent to be seen.

There are so many different styles and different interpretations of dance. For example, one contestant, Mark Villaver, decided to audition with a “breaking contemporary” piece. It was something that the judges had never seen before and was breath taking to watch! Mark really poured his heart out for these judges and definitely made himself memorable.

All of the highlighted contestants shown on this episode all had very unique and different performances. Robert Green, another contestant, performed a very characterized hip hop dance to the hit song “I’m Better” by Missy Elliot. His selection made his personality shine through and he also managed to show some technique and flexibility. With all of that being said, Robert gave an entertaining and fun performance.

After a few up lifting, impressive, and high energy performances the switch was flipped. Contestant Darius Hickman was introduced with a tragic and upsetting story of the difficulties and people that he had to face at an extremely young age. After hearing all that this young 18 year old man had been through, all you could do was hope that he would do his best and impress the judges with his talent. Darius poured everything that happened to him into this beautiful contemporary piece which just really tugged on your heart strings.

It is safe to say that the first episode of So You Think You Can Dance season 14 was far from disappointing. FOX gave the viewers everything from happiness to sadness! Extremely entertaining start to the season! If you want to see more tune into FOX every Monday night at 8/7c. Definitely don’t want to miss out on what the rest of the season has to offer.


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