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June 15, 2017
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June 16, 2017

Jaden Smith | Batman Music Video

After cutting his dreads and wearing them to the Met Gala, Jaden Smith comes out with a new banger called “BatMan” and it has sauce written all over it. The video was shot through out Hollywood Blvd. and has this weird, mysterious vibe to it that is pretty cool and keeps your attention through out the whole video! But isn’t that what art is all about? To be different, creative and express emotion you envision on the inside of you? Because Jaden Smith knows how to do just that.

Speaking of the cut dread locks, the new hair style was due to a new movie Jaden will be starring in called, “Life In A Year” along with Actor Cara Delevingne. The movie is about a dying teenager who is trying to cram her life up and enjoy whatever time she has left! Seems the movie is going well with Cara getting piggy-back rides and smooches from Jaden on set!

After one of Jadens first movies with his famous dad Will Smith in “The Pursuit Of Happiness” we seen him grow from an Afro, to Dread Locks, to a Taper, from an actor, to a musician and he is still growing! Check out his new video to his new song called “BatMan”.

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