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June 8, 2017
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TLC Feat. Snoop Dogg “Way Back” Video

TLC and Snoop Dogg take it back to the 90s with this brand new banger.

The first shot opens up with the old school bouncing lowrider. Then you see T-Boz stepping up to the party with her girls with the 90s pimp walk. She walks into the house where she is joined buy her main girl Chilli, and the party is on.

T-boz and Chilli hit a good 90s groove. You know that one you hit in the club when you are feeling yourself, yeah that one. So Simple yet such a feel good moment.

Lets not forget Uncle Snoop with the psychedelic back ground, and that Snoop Dogg flow.

We all definitely have to admit this video is a Legendary mash-up. You have Uncle Snoop, T-Boz, Chilli, and the spirit of Left eye. These are iconic people in our music industry with undeniable talent.

Keep up with these legends!



Snoop Dogg

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