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June 30, 2017
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July 2, 2017

 DeJ Loaf – No Fear

DeJ-Loaf-In-Living-Color-vid-still-2016-billboard-1548Dropping something different to say what is on your heart is difficult. You wonder how people would take it, is it good enough. These are a few thoughts I would imagine Dej Loaf thought when releasing “No Fear”.

I loved the video so much and the message, I had to do some digging. From going through the lyrics, looking up interviews etc., I found a common factor.

This is her idea of what love could be.

In one interview, the recently single, Dej says;

The song, I was inspired to write about just love and having no fear and loving someone.” “Being in a fearless relationship with someone, basically. In this industry, it gets hard dating. I wish to find someone I can just ride or die with. That was the inspiration behind it. But, once again, it resonates with everyone and it’s just about not having fear about anything and just living life how you want to.”

When you look at it this something everyone wants. “No Fear” is a song everyone can relate to. With that connection we can rock out along side her with same vibe.

I applaud her having courage to release this song about something so close to her heart. That is a real artist hands down.


The Beast is on the gram keep up with her!

Dej Loaf


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