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Sincerely, By Leila Henry

With Dance gaining momentum and rapidly coming up in the world, it’s not rare for us to find good Dance videos anymore. What IS rare, is coming across a video that has an equal balance between Dance and storytelling. What’s even MORE rare, is finding 7 of those videos.

Leila Henry collaborated with cinematographer Katie Moffitt to create a series of short films that blew our minds. Topping the concept of the 7 deadly sins off with some storytelling, humor, and unique choreography, Leila shows us that not only have we all “been there before” and “sinned,” but that it isn’t bad to have done so.

Who is Leila Henry?

Leila Henry, from Chicago, started Dancing at the age of 10 and received her BFA in Dance from the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, where she trained in modern and ballet, and began to discover her voice as a choreographer. Since then, she’s created 11 concept videos, choreographed multiple stage pieces, and been with 2 of Chicago’s elite Hip Hop Dance companies: Puzzle League and Design Co.

Questions For Leila

What Is Sincerely About?

“Sincerely is a series of dance concept videos based on the “seven deadly sins.” I’m sure most of us have experienced that brief moment of rage when someone cuts to the front of the line (wrath), or have been too lazy to retrieve the remote from across the room (sloth). How about that moment where we see our crush from across the room and we immediately begin to fantasize (lust)? I decided to place 7 relatable scenarios under a microscope to show how we all “sin” in one way or another, and that it’s human nature. The series is full of drama, humor, and sensuality, and I was determined to push my artistry to the next level.”

What Is Your Artistic Philosophy?

“As an artist I believe in dance as a universal language, and one of the most powerful forms of expression. As a choreographer I aspire to create entertaining, yet thought-provoking work that sparks curiosity, and encourages people to ask questions. I also want audiences to connect to my work emotionally, as I take them on a unique voyage within every piece I create. I am constantly brainstorming new dance concepts and stories to tell, and I am always thinking of new ways to engage my community through my choreography.”

Any Accomplishments We Should Know About?

“I received the “Emerging Choreographic Voice Award” from the University of Illinois’ Dance department. I was also recently nominated for the Monsters of Hip Hop show, and I recently won choreographer Jaquel Knight’s month-long ‘March Madness’ choreography contest.”

Leila Henry is definitely still an underrated choreographer, but we see a very bright future for her and her craft. Be sure to follow and stay updated with her future projects, as we can already guarantee that they will not disappoint!

Connect with Leila Henry

IG | Leila Henry

Connect with Katie Moffitt

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