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Recap  on NBC’s World of Dance Episode 2!

world-of-dance-judges-profileThis week on the brand new World of Dance show we saw many more incredible performances!

First we had one crew in the Juniors category called “The Lab” from West Covina, CA. They blew us away with their hard-hitting moves and breakdancing skills! “You guys came out like professionals,” said J-Lo. They had an overall score of 91.3!

Next we had Fik-Shun compete in the upper division. He delivered a very emotional performance to the stage and brought tears to our eyes! J-Lo said, “From that pain comes beautiful moments like this.” His overall score was 91!








A few more groups competed in the upper division from last night’s episode. Luka and Jenalyn from Toronto, Canada brought a sexy cabaret ballroom performance to the stage. “It’s always nice when two youngins come out and do some fresh and exciting stuff!” J-Lo said.

Another group blew us away with their impressive quick movements and buck grooves. They’re called “Quick Style” from Norway. They mentioned that it’s very rare for men to dance in that country and they won the live show Norway’s Got Talent! Quick Style was super creative especially with their song choice “Jolene” by Dolly Parton! It was risky doing hip hop to a country song but they blew it out of the park!

Lastly in the upper division we had Nick Daniels from Miami. His strength, technique, and flexibility was breath taking! He was so inspiring and beautiful to watch and got a standing ovation from the judges.



Performances from this week were out of this world. From emotional stories, pouring their hearts out on stage, and amazing partner work, it is safe to say these performances were unforgettable! Make sure to catch next week’s episode Tuesday at 10 pm on NBC!

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