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Despacito – Run it by Justin Bieber and Chris Brown- Mash up by HU Jeffery

Every now and then we find hidden treasures on youtube and this is definitely one of them. If you don’t know who HU Jeffery is you’re about too. Hailing from New Zealand, HU Jeffery’s puts out a beautiful scenic visual dance video of himself dancing to a mash up of Justin Bieber’s “Despacito Dance” and Chris Brown’s “Run It”. This particular style is a fusion of contemporary and slow and controlled hip hop reminiscent of dancers like Ian Eastwood and IMMABEAST’S own Sean Lew. By the time Run It comes on, its a different story. HU includes .

Filmed by Jamil Escalera, HU’s video starts out on a beautiful beach in New Zealand with him as a solo to Biebers song. Dancing very emotionally and in all white, this story is definitely a hopeful pure one. Next he is joined in by dancers Laura Kitto and Melissa McCracken bringing in a more dancehall vibes and smooth grooves to the dance. Complimenting “Despacito’s” island beats.

After flashing to the sky, which takes us to the next scene at a basketball court, HU transforms from pure white to pure gangster. Run It plays and that’s exactly what he does. Runs it! Joined by dancers Rewita Killian and Nekhlos Thompson they are on beat and syncopated all at once. Their style is fun and exciting to watch. Making you want to get up and dance with them yourself.

It’s ok if you do not not know HU, but this visual posted June 5th had thousands of views in just 24 hours and he has over 20,000 subscribers on Youtube. Jeffery is definitely an up and coming dancer/choreographer to watch out for. Subscribe and follow him!

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