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July 11, 2017
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July 12, 2017

Mickey Mouse Is Front and Center in Uniqlo’s Latest Collaboration With Disney

For all you Mickey fans out there, Disney is partnering up with Uniqlo for this amazing collaboration!  Hitting stores this July 17th!

“For the 2017 fall season, Uniqlo has teamed up with Disney on a classic Mickey Mouse “Magic for All” collection. The collaborative range actually houses three different collections: the “Mickey Travels” range, the “Disney Textile” assortment, and “Mickey Stands.”

The “Mickey Travels” range focuses on Mickey and Minnie Mouse traveling the world, which will hit Uniqlo stores beginning July 17. Next to be released is the “Disney Textile” looks which will feature an assortment of popular Disney characters in special designs. Look for “Disney Textile” to hit stores on August 28. Finally, the “Mickey Stands” set showcases Disney’s most iconic character, Mickey Mouse, front and center on a variety of garments. Look for the “Mickey Stands” range to also drop on August 28.

Check out the full “Magic for All” collaboration above. And while you wait for the line to drop, check out this week’s hottest product drops.”

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