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July 12, 2017
WORLD OF DANCE Last Round of Duels!
July 12, 2017

      What comes to mind when you think about the Olympics? Hard working athletes who have trained there whole life and overtime developed these inhuman-like abilities.  Breakdancers, also known as B-boys, are exactly that. B-boying consists of acrobatics, powermoves, footwork, flow, and musicality. This dance has come a long way from the underground Bronx scene to the mainstream media.

The International Olympic Committee had announced the addition of breakdancing in the 2018 Youth Olympics. This will be categorised as a dance sport due to B-boyings competitive aspect. The International Olympic Committee strives to utilise this dance’s urban style to create more youth appeal.

The video above gives a brief explanation about the requirements and the entering process. Video provided by VincaniTV.

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