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July 12, 2017
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World of Dance | Episode 6 Recap

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This week on NBC’s World of Dance, we saw the rest of the acts compete for the top spot! Check out these videos for what you missed on last night’s episode!

First we had Kinjaz duel against Stroll Groove. Kinjaz put together a show and blew us away once again. Stroll Groove brought a great performance but it wasn’t enough to beat Kinjaz!

Next we had Luka and Jenalyn compete against DNA. The first duo flawlessly executed never before seen tricks, while DNA had a few hiccups in their routine. Luka and Jenalyn moved on to the next round!

ImmaBeast went head to head with Mini Request. Although the show did not air their full performances, ImmaBeast won the battle and here is their performance! They killed it!

A few small clips were shown of Kings Unite vs. Pasión. Pasión took the win! Chapkis Dance Family moved on winning against Rhythmatic. The Mihacevich Sisters also went on to the next round of the show beating D’Angelo and Amanda. J-Lo stated, “You have to go for blood every performance that you do.”

Lastly, we had the last three crews battle it out. Jabbawockeez vs. Ian Eastwood and The Young Lions vs. Rouge. Ian Eastwood and The Young Lions came out on top to win the battle! They took the judges tips and smashed it! Derek said that it is heartbreaking to see the Jabbawockeez go because they were the standard. But they all did an amazing job!

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Make sure to catch World of Dance every Tuesday night! Or watch it online at to see what you missed!

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