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August 11, 2017
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August 12, 2017



Harrison Nevel is a YouTuber known for his clothing and sneaker related videos.  His fashion advice, DIYS, pick-ups, and challenges have earned him 150,000+ subscribers.  In this video, he challenges himself to revamp his room set-up with the budget of less than $250 at IKEA.  You’ll be surprised how nice the items he bought most of his set-up for, especially since it was at a very inexpensive cost.

Hangers – $5
Glass Shoe Case – $70
Floating Shelf – $15
Plant – $5
Shoe Tree – $0.99




Links to items in Harrison’s video! (IKEA)
Plant – http://bit.ly/2s0fHJE
Clothing Rack – http://bit.ly/2svxaNv
Floating Shelf – http://bit.ly/2svvfZr
Floating Squares – http://bit.ly/2s0BbG3
Glass Show Case – http://bit.ly/2s0uwfj
Hangers – http://bit.ly/2svnimJ
Small Book Case- http://bit.ly/2s0R9Qu
Picture Frame – http://bit.ly/2svCrob
Supreme Wallpaper – https://hvpemag.com/2014/11/17/suprem…


AMAZON LINKS TO IKEA ITEMS(More expensive due to shipping)
Plant – https://bit.ly/2s0BX5Y
Clothing Rack – https://bit.ly/2s0RB18
Floating Squares – https://bit.ly/2svSQsT
Glass Cabinet – https://bit.ly/2s0ucgz
Hangers – https://bit.ly/2s0KC8p
Small Book Case – https://bit.ly/2s0qOlC

Connect with Harrison

IG | Harrison Nevel


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