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August 12, 2017
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August 12, 2017

Matt Steffanina & B-Dash Team Up

In response to some haters that he has been hearing from lately, Matt Steffanina decided to team up with IMMABeast’s very own B-dash. Together they came up with some hard hitting choreography to a remix of French Montana and Swae Lee’s “Unforgettable”

Matt Steffanina is arguably one of youtubes most well known professional dance personalities and choreographers. Boasting over 6.4 million subscribers and various different features on his channel such as vlogs, tutorials and the like, Matt Steffanina is make strides in the online dance market. B-Dash on the other hand is very well known in the professional market and is constantly performing, battling and teaching all over the nation.

The two teaming up on this video created a delectable visual medley of raw movement and intricate lines which any viewer can enjoy. The choreography moves through various different styles and to top it all off a short freestyle section also features in the choreography. However, this great video would be nothing without the beginning and end section pushing it together. The comedy we see between Matt and B-dash is dry and silly, reminiscent of 21 Jumpstreet, and the bloopers at the end are absolutely hilarious. This video is definitely worth a watch and a share!


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