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June 26, 2017
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June 27, 2017

Amazon’s New Prime Wardrobe Service Sends Clothes Right to Your Door

Too lazy to go shopping and try on clothes?  Amazon Prime Wardrobe brings clothes right to your door.  You can actually keep what fits and return anything that doesn’t with no hassle!

“Amazon is now testing out a new service, Prime Wardrobe, in which the company will send participating members a box of clothing, as the recipient can then return whatever they do not like, for free, thus only paying for what they keep.

Currently, the program, somewhat similar to that of Stitch Fix and Trunk Club, is in “beta” mode for select individuals with an Amazon invite. Unlike other like-minded services, Prime Wardrobe, which is free for Prime members, does not force you to pay a styling fee, as discounts rack up the more items you purchase. In total, a single order can contain up to 15 pieces, and again, if you don’t like what’s been sent, simply package it back up in the box you received, and it can be picked up on your doorstep for return, free of charge.

According to Analysts with Cowen, Amazon is expected to surpass the likes of Macy’s this year in terms of apparel sales, even though customers of course cannot go into an actual store and try on desired product.

For now, Amazon has yet to reveal when Prime Wardrobe will be available to the public..”

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