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May 10, 2017
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May 11, 2017

Ready for Snow Storm Stella?

Only a few weeks ago I was completely surprised – I literally didn’t believe the weather forecast when arriving with spring weather – by the blizzard that hit New York on the first day of New York Fashion Week. Yet again, yesterday, I saw people being in complete disbelieve on their Instagram that tomorrow – today as we speak – a snow storm called Stella would hit the city again… But it did. And so did “regular winter weather” hit Toronto too. Somehow, whenever we move houses or cities in North America we have to deal with a snow storm. Which makes me wonder, is this a sign from the weather gods we shouldn’t? Well, no matter what, as changeable as the weather is, so is the place we call “home”. While New York is getting ready for the aftermath of Stella, we are preparing for yet another move… Getting better at it every time!

Connect with Balenciaga (Bomber jacket)

IG | Balenciaga

Connect with Frame (Turtle neck)

IG | Frame

Connect with 3X1 (Skinny jeans)

IG | 3X1

Connect with Sandro (Western boots)

IG | Sandro

Connect with Mark Cross (Grace bag)

IG | Mark Cross

Connect with Dita (Sunglasses)

IG | Dita

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