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June 23, 2017
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Lorde touches the life of teens with her last album “Pure Heroine” and now shows the growth in “Melodrama”. With her style of Alternative Rock she still rocks the music industry with emotions and connecting to people through her personal life.

“Everyone has that perfect year of adult hood, I think I had that year” says Lorde to Beats 1. She has a couple of songs such as “Sober” where she deals with loneliness and “Hard Feelings” where she deals with complexity as an adult. Furthermore, Melodrama is an emotionally charged album, full of beauty and meaning about a deeper reality in someones life, that we can relate to in our own.

The Track-List has 11 songs and is 41 minutes long:

Image result for lorde 1 – Green Light

2 – Sober

3 – Homemade Dynamite

4 – The Louvre

5 – Liability

6 – Hard Feelings/Loveless

7 – Sober II (Melodrama)

8 – Writer In The Dark

9 – Supercut

10 – Liability

11 – Perfect Places

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