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May 27, 2017
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May 31, 2017

Check out the Monster Energy Bboys VS Hustle Kidz Finals!

As you already may know, Monster Energy has its own breaking crew, “Monster bboys.”  They recently got a whole bunch of new members and is pretty much a brand new and improved team.  This is not an ordinary breaking crew due to its STACKED legendary members.  In their most recent battle, “Massive Monkeys Day 2017,” they made it to the finals against “Hustle Kidz.”  Watch the battle and see what happens!

Bboys’ style and musicality gave Hustle Kidz a challenge but Hustle Kidz did not hold back!  Since Energy Bboys are still a developing new team, their flow with each other wasn’t up to par.  As you can see, it reflected that in their battle. Overall, this was a great final battle between both crews.

 Also be sure to check out the Florida WOD Winners Circle!



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