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May 26, 2017
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May 27, 2017

Check out the Top 3 Teams at WOD Orlando!

Rumor has it the WOD Orlando event was filled with phenomenal dance teams all vying for the top spot.  After a long grueling battle , here is your WOD Orlando Winners Circle!

Soreal | 1st Place | World of Dance Orlando 2017 | Winners Circle

The perfect amount of originality and cleanliness. That’s what makes for a killer routine. Especially with all the people who are on stage here! The hardest thing for them was most likely the  perfect cleanliness, which they executed every thing just perfectly.

This entire dance is 5 minutes of refreshment. They weave in and out of different textures and styles of hip hop seamlessly, making it impossible to be bored with watching the piece. Just the fact that they can do that proves that these are some extremely talented and trained dancers!

Soreal really brought it with this one and shut it DOWN. Extremely entertaining and impressive! Definitely keep up with Soreal, they have a bright future ahead of them!


GTX | 2nd Place | World of Dance Orlando 2017 | Winners Circle

The SQUAD | 3rd Place | World of Dance Orlando 2017 | Winners Circle


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