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May 26, 2017
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May 29, 2017

O.T. Genasis – “Bust It” Phil Wright Choreography

That’s Wright! Phil Wright just dropped another high energy, stamina testing class video featuring some of the hottest young dancers in LA. In this particular class, Phil began by teaching away from the mirror to get the kids used to not just filming that way, but performing and not relying on the mirror, and it shows. Each group dances one after another without restarting the music and just catching the beat which always went along with the choreo #PROFFESSIONALS.

Phil Wright, originally from Miami, began teaching in LA a few years ago bringing his full out Florida flavor to LA. He took studios by storm teaching at IDA Hollywood, Debbie Reynolds, eventually making his way to ALDC LA and world renown Millennium Dance Complex. Since starting to teach his social media following has grown tremendously having over 12k youtube subscribers and almost 100k on Instagram! Phil has been recognized by MC Hammer, Chris Brown and more just from putting out his innovative class videos. However Phil knew he needed to do more.

In April 2017 Phil introduced his followers to #thephilwrightchallenge. Which consists of him dropping a class video and challenging dancers from all over the world to learn, perfect, and perform the same choreography as the video, post it and hashtag #philwrightchallenge. Those who he feels really captured the dance he shouts out on his Instagram and gives feedback as well. What an innovative way to inspire young (and old) dancers around the world.

Watch Phil Wrights Kill “Humble” with over 2 million views featuring immaBEAST Dancers!  Is Phil Wright Humble for this class?

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