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June 16, 2017
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June 17, 2017

Alex Aiono – Question

 Alex Aiono has dropped yet another amazing music video. The song “Question” is a relatable type song because it takes us to place at least most of us have been.

Even if its not the our own situation we know of people who are treated wrong by a “loved one”, then try to get back in good graces later.

Now Alex is saying with this one he is not having it and he is not waiting. In the song he say “… you took your heart off the table…”, once that happens it is over.

Love is not something to mess with if you mess that up it is hard to come back from. Very few have done so!

Alex has been a huge youtube influence on youtube. He has built a brand that attracts at least 1 Million views per video. With 266,844 subscribers and 14,760,738 views Alex’s talent really shines through. 

Make sure you also check out Alex Aiono’s first music video!

Keep up with Alex on his Instagram by clicking here!

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