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June 22, 2017
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June 23, 2017

Teen and Baby Beast Battle

Yes you read it right. ImmaBEAST Baby and Teens go head to head in this 2 part video battle. Willdabeast decided some healthy competition within the younger ones of his company is exactly what they needed. Ages 6-12 for baby, 12-17 for teen beasts, this battle is nothing short of amazing. Some of the youngest and best dancers in the country get down to Beauty and the Beast (BNB) choreography to Trip Lees “Insomniac”. Which is a perfect song to bring out their fearlessness and willingness to transform into any character they are given.

The rules of this battle are as follows: the dancers in the video with the most views by the end of this month wins a free dinner wherever they want from the man himself. Each group worked their butt off to put together a 2-minute piece showcasing their best moves.  The stunning camera work filmed by The Beast Networks own Sam L Dean makes each video jump out at the audience and makes you want to dance.

The Baby Beasts start out with a big group section with Reese Hatala leading the group hard-hitting choreography. Leading you from group to group showcasing solos, duos and trios, freestyles, girly moments, swaggy grooves; showing you all that what makes them A BEAST! The teen beasts give you an equally amazing set, also starting out with a Hatala sister. Taylor Hatala opens the video with her incredible facials and feeling. Being older showing their dope freestyling is not a problem. The teens feature a soul train type feel with the teens just going for it. Some featured killers among the teens are Taylor Hatala, Sean Lew, Big Will Simmons, Kyndall Harris, Tati McQuay, Tahani Anderson, and Natalie Bebko.

Support these young artists by watching both then watching your favorite over and over and over again! And over again!

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