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June 22, 2017
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June 22, 2017

SUPERNOVA | Finalist – Hit The Floor Gatineau #HTF2017

SUPERNOVA hits the floor in Gatineau and makes the ground shake! They came on stage with glitter gold jackets, that are saying “look at me, I’m fancy”.  From their outfits to their formations, they were clean from head to toe!

They had clean pictures and their transitions flowed together so well you forgot you were seeing new formations! They had styles from popping, jazz funk and krump that was full of aggression and energy!

And for anyone who is not familiar with Hit The Floor it is a convention that has given itself as primary goal to produce and offer distinguished dance events with the ultimate goal to contribute to the development of the dance community worldwide. Check it out you won’t be disappointed.





Interested in some more dancing? Check out TYNKAY Swalla choreo!

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