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June 22, 2017
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Ace Hood “Money Talks” NXG Company – Alexander Chung Choreography

alex-chung-nxg-profileAlexander Chung is a very known and successful choreographer here in Los Angeles. He represents his home country, Canada, very proudly! While he resides in Los Angeles he still has the passion and drive to be the director of NXG Company back home in Canada. NXG just released a new video to Ace Hood’s “Money Talks” from 2011!

Underneath the video, in the description, he writes “NXG Company. I’m so in love with my dance family in Canada. This is our rehearsal vibe 24/7 minus all the goofing around and belly laughs; brought a camera to a rehearsal to share it with you! Family First.” Family seams to be the key word here. The reason that they have such a great vibe together is because it is understood between them that support and love is what will give all of them success. Without those two things there is no family.

With what sounds like a great relationship in the company seeing their bond is so refreshing. Not only is the dancing incredible, but the way that they interact between the movements and seeing the support that is shared is amazing! A team this large having great connection, cleanliness, and presentation is hard to come by! NXG Company is definitely a team/ dance family you should keep up with!


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