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June 5, 2017
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June 6, 2017

Life Experiences: Wrong Words ft. Kaycee Rice



This is such a beautiful and emotional video. Although there is extremely intricate movement, their emotion and vulnerability is still fully present. David Javier, who filmed this piece, did an absolutely incredible job with the camera angles. With his camera work, he gives the dancers and the choreography dimension. Dimension really brings everything to life. Between Sean’s choreography and David’s camera work this concept video makes your heart melt and the hairs on your neck stand up.

The Interview:

One member of our team, Hannah Hartman, was lucky enough to sit and talk to Sean Lew just before this video released! Now we can share exactly what was talked about:


kaycee-rice-wrong-words-profileWhat was the concept?

This is all about life experience and things that happen to people. Also just bringing awareness that what you say to others will effect you later.

What made you choose this song?

I was really drawn to the emotion in his voice.

What was the inspiration for this video?

I was inspired by Keone Madrid and what he did with it!

Why did you choose Kaycee Rice?

Well I knew that the video was not in her comfort zone and it would pushed her to another intricate level. Plus she is always 100% committed to the emotion and story.

“The wrong words won’t only hurt others, but also yourself in the end.”

Why that quote?

How people have been told that words hurt them but it’s not worth it to be in pain about the words people say. It gives people realization and awareness to be careful with what you say to others. What comes around goes around!


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  1. Kirk Gibbs says:

    Sean Lew my daughter Faith Gibbs absolutely loves you! You are her dance inspiration and first crush. I would like to know if there’s a way to get a schedule of your live future appearances. My family and I has been thru so much these pass few years after losing my job, house and my daughter has been encouraging thru it all plus continuing to be an honor roll student so now that I am back on my feet again I would like to reward her with a surprise meet and greet!

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