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June 5, 2017
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June 6, 2017

Friends & Family + Performance Footage | Body Rock 2017

GRV is a world renown Dance company, but how many of you actually know what “GRV” stands for? Pretty sure not too many, which would explain why they created this set for the Body Rock competition this year.

As a celebration of their 10th year together, they dedicated their set to let us know exactly who they were and what they represented. “Aggressive choreography to some gangster ass music. Nothing more.”

We’re always excited to see footage from competitions like Body Rock, Vibe, World of Dance, etc., but were blessed with even more footage than we had hoped for this time around…GRV uploaded pre-competition footage that they performed for their friends and family! Not that the actual performance wasn’t already crazy, but something about this footage just makes it feel more authentic and raw. We’ve posted both videos here so that you can compare them for yourself.


If you’re not already following them on their social media after these 10 years for whatever unreasonable reason, we highly advise that you do so now in order to see the new heights they’ll be reaching!

Love this? Be sure to check out WOD winner SAVAGE!

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