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June 6, 2017
katy perry manchester
Katy Perry wears a Tribute at the Manchester One Love concert!
June 6, 2017

Melvin Timtim Choreography Ft S-Rank | Hot N***a – Bobby Shmurda

Chapkis Dance Co.’s Melvin TimTim revives this 2014 song “Hot N***a” by Bobby Shmurda this time alongside STEEZY CO ( S-Rank)dancers. The song may have been overplayed the past couple years however this choreography will make you fall in love all over. This particular video showcases Melvin’s Bay area style of dancing as well as fashion wearing matching red bombers and fresh Adidas originals. The video was shot with a backlight that features strong silhouette pictures of the dancers. His sharp choreography and cleanliness of the group makes it easy to see where they hit beats and where they chill.

Melvin TimTim, age 20, is from Northern Coast of California aka the Bay, is one of the Chapkis dance co directors.  At such a young age Melvin branched into choreography and now teaches around the world. Intensives like Urban Dance Camp, Elements Dance Competition, making his way to Millennium Dance Complex LA last month as a teacher. His style can be described as clean, character based, and core controlled which will leave you smiling and throwing your shoes at him.



Want more Melvin? Check him out ft. our very own Mikey Dellavella  Melvin TimTim Collabs With Mikey at ImmaSpace!


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