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Vans Teases a New Collaboration With Peanuts!
June 5, 2017
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Experience Life with Sean Lew and Kaycee Rice!
June 5, 2017

 Zin (Hilty & Bosch) Show us some Great Locking Choreography!

Zin comes through to the ML Studio with the mid 80 vibes and shows the class some clean basics working on the foundation of Locking. Moves were funky and had rhythm the whole way!

Check out this video but not only that remember to take his class if he is teaching in a city near you! Many dancers know how to pick up choreography but understanding the culture and history in which it comes from can take you from good, to great!

Ive personally been dancing for less than a week, but looking at some of the best choreographers I learned that dancing isn’t so much what you see but what you feel. Expressing yourself not through words but through movement. So, if your able to not only pick up the move, but the emotion and vibes from which it came, you will be a dancing time machine offering more than movements, but history and power of knowledge. Learn your history!

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