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June 2, 2017
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June 3, 2017

Topaz Jones – Tropicana | Donovan Gibbs Choreography | IMMASPACE

Donovan GibbsDonovan Gibbs is always pulling something amazing out of his head, weather it is in his freestyle, choreography, or movement choices in class or stage it never ceases to appealing.

Donovan and Trey Gibbs, and  Monyett Crump murder Tropicana by Topaz Jones. All three of them dance similar, but also have different things to bring to the table. One major thing they have as dancers is confidence. That is a huge factor that can create or brake a video.

Also make sure you keep up with him as he releases a video every Wednesday at 1pm. Donovan is really taking time to push his creativity, but understand he is still staying dedicated to his community. Take his lead do “YOU”, but stay dedicated to your team, they will be there for you if you support them.

Also check out Janelle Ginestra’s class at IMMASpace!

Make sure you stay connected with the killers in this video

IG |Donovan Gibbs

IG |Trey Gibbs 

IG |Monyett Crump


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