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June 1, 2017
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Bryson Tiller Explains Why He Dropped ‘True To Self’ a Month Early

Last week, Bryson Tiller took the World by surprise, and released his album, True to Self, a month earlier than expected. While the is still judgement out for some on how it compares to 2015’s Trapsoul, Tiller’s already making waves in the music industry, even announcing a tour with Metro Boomin that kicks off in August.

There is still one question that everyone is determined to answer: “Why did Bryson drop the project sooner than he announced?” In a new interview with  Billboard, he explained the early release. “I’ve been ready to get the music to the fans as soon as possible, so why not?,” Tiller said.  “I can’t take the credit for that. It was just my manager; it was his plan [to] drop it a month early.” He even said that he “forgot” it was due to drop early, which sounds crazy.

For those wondering, Tiller clears up a few things: not only is the voice recording of the girl on True to Self‘s “Rain (Interlude)” the same as Trapsoul‘s “Overtime,” but you would be right in assuming that True to Self is the continuation of the story he brought to light on Trapsoul.

Check out Billboard for the full interview, and be sure you’re ready for the Set It Off Tour when it comes to your town.

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