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June 21, 2017
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June 22, 2017

NBC’s World of Dance Episode 4 |  The DUELS

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On this week’s episode we saw eight qualifiers battle it out to make it to the next round! Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to four acts but they all did an incredible job!

First we had Fik-Shun duel against Nick Daniels. Fik-Shun said, “Nick is an amazing dancer. I may have just picked my doom.” Nick and Fik-Shun both brought killer performances to the stage with their completely different styles! “Nick, you like defy the dynamics of anatomy,” Derek said. In the end, Fik-Shun won the duel overall and we will be seeing him fight to the top!


Our next duel was between Swing Latino and the Miami All Stars. Swing Latino brought an incredibly powerful routine to the stage. They are such powerhouses with super fast partnering and footwork skills, plus crazy tricks! Jlo said, “The world has never seen salsa like this before.” Miami All Stars knew they were in for a challenge, so they definitely rose to the occasion! Adding in awesome tricks, technique, and breakdancing, they looked like they were pulled directly from the broadway stage. With a close score, Swing Latino advanced on to the next round!


Eva Igo and KynTay were next to face off. “It’s hard to be a soloist competing against veteran performers,” said Jenna Tatum. Both of these acts brought great performances to the stage. Derek said to Taylor and Kyndall, “There’s a reason you guys have millions of views of Youtube. You guys are so cute!” Eva danced to “It’s a Man’s World” and blew us away yet again. “You are the entire package alone,” Ne-Yo said. Eva advanced to the next round!
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Lastly we had teachers Keone and Mari duel against former students on Quick Style. Keone and Mari choreographed a piece with a story so relatable to everyone in this generation. JLo said, “We’re so into our phones that we are forgetting there’s somebody right in front of us, that we are not connecting with.” Quick Style is so clean and tight with their movement, but it wasn’t enough to surpass Keone and Mari!

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