June 21, 2017
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June 22, 2017

“WHAT’S THE WORD” – Stoppa Dance | @MattSteffanina ft Kenneth San Jose | @DanceOn

matt-steffanina-whats-the-word-profileDon’t you wish ALL driving lessons looked something like this!? With a nice car AND a few dance breaks this is the best way for a dancer to learn! Matt Steffanina always brings his viewers creative and fresh concepts. He taps into all of his known favorite styles like tutting and commercial choreography in this video.

Tutting takes a lot of focus and repetition. Every movement is a picture that can’t be missed. Along with remembering movements the dancer has to make sure its sharp and has energy behind it! Without any of this it would just look like your arms were just flailing around. The tutting that Matt and Kenneth did inside the car was so impressive! Considering everything like the space they had, the intricacy of the movements, and still having performance quality these two guys are super talented!

Not only can they do small intricate tutting they can full on dance! The more commercial movement and grooves when they get out of the car shows all of their personality. With this section they really bring the sauce! Just a super entertaining concept video to say the least. Matt Steffanina and Kenneth San Jose did a great job with this video. They make it hard to take you eyes off the screen.


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