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April 23, 2017
EJAAZ from Indianapolis repping “Naptown”
April 27, 2017

Bruno Mars – Finesse | Choreography by Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss

Finesse is killed by tWitch from the beginning!

The video starts with tWitch saying “Nobody stopped everybody in the club to show them specific moves!” This totally explains the feel of the entire class video! Every dancer in the room really embodies the fun that dance truly is.

Sure there is some technique involved BUT the pure love and joy overpowers that, making the video radiate happiness. You can tell that this class was just nothing other than a great time. No stress, just dance!

I’m sure you recognize faces of some of your favorite dancers in the industry throughout the video. From OG dancers who have already done incredible things to brand new dancers who are still paving their way into the dance industry, this video is absolutely amazing!

This class had a wide variety of ages and dance levels but there was the same amount of energy from everyone. tWitch brings out positive, fun, and exciting vibes out of anyone who has the pleasure to take a class from him.


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IG | Bruno Mars

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