tWitch Brings Finesse to Dance
April 24, 2017
Little Red Would Wear These Through The Forest!!!!
April 30, 2017


Born in Terre Haute, Indiana, EJAAZ was an official 2016 A3C artist. He has toured nationwide with artist Mark Battles in 2015, Skate Maloley in 2016 and has been featured on the cover of PATTERN Magazine. When it comes to the music, there’s a thoughtfulness to EJAAZ’s work that’s evident as soon as his plainspoken lyrics hit your ears.

He favors quiet production and soundscapes that are often stark and cold, full of empty space, and he warms up with his willingness for introspection and adaptable, melodic flow. He can go in or pull back, with an impressive handle on how to treat different beats and create diverse sounds.


 Having just released a new project titled ” The Mood ” his current single NAPTOWN is going viral. The self edited visual is almost to 10,000 views in less than 2 months.

#THEMOOD Is coming…

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