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June 30, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Tory Lanez – With It | @King_Guttah Choreography

king-guttah-with-it-profileEverybody loves a teacher who is unpredictable, someone who can surprise you with almost any style combination or mood. King Guttah is definitely one of those teachers. You have to come into his class prepared for absolutely anything which brings so much freshness and such a professional level to the dynamic of his class.

This choreography hits just about every beat in the music but still has a fluidity and conversational feeling to it. Guttah’s choreography itself is incredible but what helps it come to life is all of the emotion and character put behind every movement.  All of the dancers featured in this class video are true professionals. The choices that they make within the choreography are so educated yet natural at the same time.

King Guttah is very educated in a lot of different styles and he definitely reflects his wisdom onto others! Keep your eyes open for where he is going to be teaching next. Youy do not want to miss out on this kind of training.



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