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Steven Thompson’s New Class Footage is “Poppin’ “!



Studio 68 in London was in for a challenge last week when Steven Thompson showed up. The honorary IMMABEAST member choreographed to a classic Chris Brown track, “Poppin”. Steven Thompson proceeded to use his hard hits and clean lines to ride the smooth melodies. Using connections which are reminiscent of 2013 Brian Puspos and a smooth swagger in-keeping with the loose vibrancy we’ve  grown accustomed to in 2017 choreography, Steven Thompson absolutely delivers on this intricate choreography. You’d have to really watch the video a few times to fully grasp the wordplay and beat kills which are utilized in this choreography.

At 22 years old Steven Thompson has some strong credits under his belt including being a main dance cast member of THRILLER LIVE in the West End, several commercials films, teaching all over the UK and Europe and also being an honorary IMMABeast member!

So how did this young man from Northhampton become an honorary IMMABeast member?

In 2015 Willdabeast Adams, the founder of IMMABeast, posted a challenge to all dancers worldwide to win a chance to win a full scholarship to BuildABeast that year. All they had to do was learn and upload a dance cover of Willdabeast’s  choreography to “Upgrade U” by Beyonce Feat. Jay Z. Unfortunately Steven Thompson missed that opportunity… But he didn’t let that deter him. He uploaded his cover of the choreography and what happened next was incredible! Steven later received a personal tweet back from WilldaBeast praising how great the cover was and asked him to do a cover to another one of his pieces.
Subsequently Steven was given a full scholarship to go to #BABE2015 but was unable to, due to flight and accommodation costs. Fortunately for Steven Thompson, Willdabeast was set to teach at HDI dance camp that summer and the two crossed paths. After Steven was selected in Willdabeast’s class, Will made him an honorary IMMABeast member on the spot! Steven has since gone from strength to strength and after a two year contract with THRILLER Live in the West End he is now poised to head to and perform in Dubai.

The studio where this video was shot is Studio 68. One of the more prominent studios in London, Studio 68 London was established by Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer in 2010. With a vision for a bright and prosperous dance community, the humble beginnings of this studio have turned into a sweeping movement across London and Europe now employing over 50 professional and experienced choreographers in-house, and with over 30,000 genuine followers and dancers across social media.
Steven Thompson class video

This is my first article on the UK dance scene but I definitely plan on doing more pieces highlighting the UK & Europe dance scene more. If you have any interesting videos or stories feel free to contact us!

To follow Steven Thompson’s journey be sure to follow his social media links listed below!

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