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July 4, 2017
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July 6, 2017

Keone & Mari Comment on Societies Unnamed Vice

“WOW!” Was my first response after seeing Keone and Mari Madrids’ new concept video featuring their duel round piece “Like Real People Do” from NBC’s World Of Dance .
Keone and Mari show us yet again why they are goals… Armed with Hozier’s “Like Real People Do”, Keone and Mari set out a story which begins with a couple who have forgotten how to communicate “Like Real People Do” (See what I did there). About halfway through K&M throw the phones off screen and get down as only they can.  Hitting the only beats they can on this acoustic song and finally ending with a beautiful image of them staring into each others eyes, finally acknowledging each other fully.

Everything about this piece is astounding… the song, videography ( ***Credits to Jeremy Fabunan***) the scenery and the choreography are all complimentary. Keone and Mari gives us gorgeous imagery in all of their duets and this is no different. The combination of  slow pedestrian movements and intricate rapid movement which we know and love in the hip hop dance scene is impressive and relatable.

Despite all this, the most amazing part about this piece is the social message behind it. So many times we overlook how distracted we are by our smartphones and tablets, especially in our relationships. Nowadays its more common to see a couple walking down the street holding their phones rather than their hands…..
So with that being said I just want to say how happy I am when I see pieces which aim for social impact. We as artists have amazing gifts and with them we can truly shift perceptions and alter mindsets if we choose to. So next time you decide to create any artwork, think about what impact you could have on those around you with it.

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