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May 9, 2017
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Chris Brown on the Big Screen

Have you ever wondered how someone became famous? Or have you ever wanted to see how a Platinum Recording artist lives his life day to day? Well you’re in luck because Grammy Award winning artist, Chris Brown, is releasing a documentary about his career.

Chris Brown has recently announced on his Instagram that his documentary, Welcome to My Life, will be released in less than a month.  Make sure your plans are free on June 8th because it’s only showing in theaters for one day! Reserve your tickets now on his website.

If you can’t wait to see Chris until then,check out his next tour dates on the Party tour.

Recently “Privacy”, one of Chris Brown’s most popular new songs, hit a whopping 20 million views in just two weeks! This just goes to show that Chris Brown is still one of the industries top recording artists. He even announced a Privacy challenge for dancers to create dance videos to his track. Many dancers have already released great pieces, including viral star Willdabeast Adams! Check out Will’s choreography here.

Director Andrew Sandler has not only previously worked with Chris Brown on other projects, but he has worked with other great artists such as Ariana Grande, G-Eazy , and Kehlani.

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