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June 6, 2017
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June 7, 2017

Body Rock 2017 | All Placing Teams

Body Rock happened this past weekend, and what always follows these competitions are a series of amazing videos. That being said, make sure you set at least 20 minutes aside to watch these amazing performances. Maybe a few more, just in case you want to watch any of them twice.


Coming in first place with an outstanding and emotional piece was Dance group TwoFourSeven. They say that you win the competition during rehearsals and just show up on the day of to pick up the trophy. From the utilization of their props to the well thought out wardrobe, topped off with a variety of Dance styles and feels that were executed on point, we can say with confidence that this group already planned out and won their competition during rehearsals.

Chapkis Dance Family

Chapkis Dance family came in, hyped up the crowd, and left with the 2nd place trophy. They started their set with extremely high energy, and never allowed for it to drop. Along with amazing and hype choreography, this group utilizes their members to create amazing concepts and pictures. Great choreography, great blow-ups, great energy, great way to secure a place at Body Rock. Check out their set by clicking HERE.

Geisha Crew

Geisha Crew came all the way from Japan and took the 3rd place trophy back with them. Adding their culture, femininity, and humor to their high level of Popping technique, they took the audience by surprise and kept them entertained throughout their entire set. This group definitely has a bright future in the Dance community, so you might want to make sure you stay updated with them! Click HERE to watch their set!


We’ve attached all of their Instagram accounts below. Make sure that you go follow them for more!

Connect with TwoFourSeven

IG | TwoForSeven

Connect with Chapkis Dance Family

IG| Chapkis Dance Family

Connect with Geisha Crew

IG| Geisha Crew



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